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Valeria Brancaforte is a talented Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona. Valeria uses the technique of relief printmaking: no digital prints, no photocopying, just hand carving and hand pulled printing. In her short video (, you can view the carving process. Successively, the surfaces are inked and printed onto hand paper, either through a press-printing or a hand-printing process or with a Baren (Japanese special tool) often on Japanese paper or fabric for the creation of unique pieces. 
Then Valeria binds the images in a book or leave them as "broadsides". 
Many works of Valeria have received international awards and belong to private and public collections.
In addition to these pictures into the post, i recommend this short video that tells her own beautiful project, with a  spectacular lettering design: illustrate the Sonnet XIV by William Shakespeare (

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