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Dan Hillier is an extraordinary english artist, born in Oxford in 1973, who lives and works in Hackney, London.
The amazing Hillier’s imaginary is inspired by the Victorian bourgeoisie and by the late nineteenth century illustrations, to blend with ambiguous details and even out of place:  strutting gentlemen receive new life thanks to the addition of long and vigorous from deer antlers, or frigid girls are transformed into bestial creatures with octopus body. In doing so, the artist evokes and overlaps, creating layers and aesthetic illusions, hiding elements considered until recently fundamentals and adding new ones, .
These amazing works consist of nineteenth-century collage of images scanned and integrated by the ink drawing and then became printing plates of refined  numbered serigraphs.
Hillier’s work has been exhibited in various established galleries including the Saatchi Gallery and the ICA in London, and numerous galleries and solo/group shows in London, Paris, New York and Turin. 

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