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Today I introduce a book (Shake Edizioni, Italy) that I recently discovered, with visionary and beautiful artworks, full of colours and vibrant patterns.
Prof. Bad Trip (Gianluca Lerici) was one of the most interesting artists of the Italian underground of the 80s.
His artistic career proceeds with works in the field of mail art, collaborations for the magazine-cult Decoder, engravings, woodcuts, serigraphies, giant murals made almost everywhere in Italy, flyers for punk concerts. And then again T-shirts and comics. Mondadori and DeriveApprodi are, among others, the publishing houses with which it collaborates. In this field, perhaps his most important work, certainly the most courageous, is the comic transposition of the famous novel by William S. Burroughs “Pasto Nudo” (“Naked Lunch”), published by Shake in 1992. The following years mark a turning point for the artist, which decides to concentrate its efforts on painting, almost always acrylic and often aimed at achieving bizarre three-dimensional effects. There are numerous exhibitions in public and private spaces. In 2003 he made design projects in Milan for international exhibitions such as the Triennale. He died in 2006, just forty three years.
He was a contemporary art scholar and profound connoisseur of underground culture. Quickly labeled in the nineties as a cyber-punk artist (in spite of his hostility towards computers) he is to be considered as a perfect exponent of popular art with a social background.
If you want to explore Prof. Bad Trip world, here the links.


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