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Patternprints Journal is a blog about surface & decorative design, with particular
focus on pattern and prints.
Every day, a post with reviews, trends and inspirations from fashion,
interior design & home accessories, paper & textile design;
Signalings of the most interesting artists, illustrators, artisans,
professionals of design, outsiders and emergent talents;
News from producers and brands, books, blogs, shops online.

The blog is written by Barbara Mazzoleni (aka birbaluna),
illustrator and designer free lance since 1988,
since 1991 teacher in courses of graphic design, digital illustration, textile design
and computer graphic for fashion and interior design.
Since 2004: lecturer in Visual Communication
and Fashion Illustration at Istituto Marangoni - Milano.
Since 2011: lecturer in Computer Fashion Design at ISGMD - Lecco.
Since 2011: lecturer in Digital Illustration Design at Scuola del Fumetto - Milano.
An Italian point of view on the actuality
of decorative arts, graphic and surface design.

This blog is totally independent in its contents:
all posts are expression of searches and taste by the author,
and not publishable to payment,
but only to her unquestionable judgment.

If you are a designer, artist, brand company, and you want to show
your work/project/product in theme of this blog,
you can find information in "submit your work" page.

If you desire to comment the posts, is possible to do it
(opinions and suggestions are welcome!).
Please, do not use offensive terms and not polite modes:
in this case the author will remove your comment from the blog.

Thanks for your interest!
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