Privacy Policy


This blog doesn't represent a periodic newspaper: it is adjourned according
to the availability of the author/owner, therefore it's not possible consider it
a publishing product to the senses by italian law n. 62 / 7.03.2001.
The author doesn't have any responsibility for the content of the comments
related to the posts, and she is assumed the right to eliminate or to censor
those offensive or not in conformity with to the rules of the open and civil dialogue.

All the images published on this blog are under rules from the art.70 italian law
(22 April 1941 ns. 633) : " 1. The summary, the quotation or the reproduction
of parts of work and their communication to the public are free if they are effected
for use of criticism or discussion, and if that doesn't constitute competition
to the economic use of the work; if they are effected for teaching or scientific search;
their use is possible for illustrative and not commercial finality."

The quoted works and the images published in this blog serve therefore
to corroborate a discourse, or to constitute the premise for an observation
or discussion, or review, or to illustrate a news.

The published images are used in low resolution and optimized for the web,
so they are unsuitable to any commercial use.
For the international normative, this blog makes reference to the "Fair Use".

If a published image had to injure (even if unintentionally) your copyright,
please contact the blog author at this e-mail

she will handle immediately to remove the image.

Owner of the contents is Barbara Mazzoleni (birbaluna)
or the authors of the works / brand / projects writed in every post.
The summary and the partial reproduction of the blog contents (quotation)
are possible in the limits pointed out by art. 70 of the italian law 22.04.1941,
n. 633, and from art. 10 of the Berna Convention for protection of literary
and artistic works.

Particularly it is possible to reassume, and to quote the contents of this blog
for didactic reasons, for use of criticism or discussion,
with the following formalities:

To write correctly and in extended mode the origin of the article
("the blog").

To publish images with the copyright attributions which they appear in the blog,
and without altering its quality or to elaborate in other way.

The signaling of the quotation is pleasant at the author, thanks.

Total or partial reproduction, out from the "right of quotation",
of all blog contents, on other blog or sites, newspapers,
and commercial publications it is not authorized.
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